About Us

Greetings! We are Simply Hammocks, the number one retailer of hammocks worldwide. Our goal is straightforward: to offer the finest hammocks in the world at unbeatable prices, and to deliver them to you as swiftly as possible.

Our tale began in 2009 when our founder embarked on a vacation to Egypt with his family. Little did he know that his first encounter with a hotel hammock would be the catalyst for a new chapter in his life. He spent many afternoons reading, napping, and unwinding in the hammock and resolved to buy one for his garden the moment he returned home.

However, things did not go as planned once he arrived back home.

The first hammock he purchased on eBay broke within two weeks, and the replacement never arrived. He then ordered one from a well-known home store, and while it lasted longer, it was still not up to snuff. Frustrated, he decided to seek out the world's finest hammock and stumbled upon a German company that made hammocks using traditional Brazilian materials and German engineering. He convinced them to sell him a hammock and was so impressed by the quality that he decided to start his own online company selling their hammocks. The original hammock he purchased is still in excellent condition today, and with Simply Hammocks now being the world's top hammock retailer, you could say that his business is as well.