Our Amazonas hammocks

✔ Amazonas creates some of the finest hammocks in the world, and they are now available at some of the most exclusive hotels and resorts.

✔ These hammocks are built to last a lifetime, with superior durability and quality.

✔ Every Amazonas hammock is handmade using traditional Brazilian techniques and German engineering.

✔ By supporting Amazonas, you are helping to provide homes, schooling, and guidance for neglected children living on the streets of Brazil. Learn more about our mission. More info

✔ Our hammocks are made with recycled Brazilian fabrics, which helps to preserve natural resources and protect the environment.

✔ All of our hammocks are credited with the highly coveted Intertek GS Mark and TÜV, ensuring product safety and quality.

✔ As a member of Interseroh, Amazonas is committed to recycling packaging and materials, reducing waste and supporting sustainability. Learn more about our efforts. More info

Our goal at Simply Hammocks in the United States is simple: to offer the best hammocks in the world. One of the most significant moments in our journey was when we discovered Amazonas, a German-based manufacturer that produces the highest quality hammocks on the market - hands down.

The origin of hammocks can be traced back to the native Brazilians who used them to avoid sleeping on the wet rainforest floor and the insects that lived there. The natives developed a fabric and technique that ensured the durability of the hammocks in the moist conditions of the rainforest while also making them comfortable to sleep in.

Amazonas has carried on this tradition by employing these same techniques to handcraft all of their hammocks. As a result, they've earned a reputation for producing some of the finest hammocks in the world. Their products are even used in the most exclusive hotels and resorts around the world.

All our hammocks are stress tested onsite with up to 600kg of weight.

You might be wondering about hammock stands. In the rainforest of Brazil, native people hung their hammocks between trees and didn't need stands. However, to provide a solution for customers who don't have access to trees, Amazonas relied on their German engineering expertise and used only the highest quality wood to create some of the most exceptional stands on the market today. When you combine an Amazonas hammock with one of their stands, you'll have a top-of-the-line hammock set.

At Simply Hammocks, we're committed to delivering the world's best hammocks, which is why we exclusively sell Amazonas products on our website. From the first thread to the moment you lay back and relax in your hammock, Amazonas employs exceptional techniques and materials to produce hammocks and stands of unmatched quality.