How to hang a Hammock

How to hang a hammock guide

If you're feeling uncertain about how to hang your new hammock, don't worry! Our team of hammock experts is here to help. Give us a call at 01748 471 299 and we'll guide you through the process step-by-step.

You may be concerned that hanging a hammock is a difficult task that requires special skills, but that couldn't be further from the truth. With our helpful tips and recommended fixings, you'll be relaxing in your hammock in no time. Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise!

We've compiled a variety of ways to hang your hammock and included all the information you need to get started. So go ahead and enjoy your new purchase without any worries!

Type of hang What you need
On a stand Use our Compatibility Guide
Between two trees Smart or Micro Rope Fixing
I only have one tree! Smart or Micro Rope Fixing + Madera Post
Between two walls Easy Plus Hammock Fixing
I only have one wall Easy Plus Hammock Fixing + Madera Post
Wooden posts or beams Jumbo Fixing
On ceiling Power Hook or Rotating Swivel Fixing


Using a stand to hang your hammock is the simplest method, and our Hammock Sets make it even easier since everything is already taken care of for you. However, if you prefer to select your own hammock and stand combo, take a look at our Compatibility Guide , which will show you which stands are compatible with which hammocks. You can also rest easy knowing that all of our stands come with the necessary fixings, so you don't need to worry about that.










For hanging your hammock between two trees, you'll need a hammock and a rope fixing, such as our Smart or Micro Rope FixingThe ropes wrap around the trees and attach to the loops on your hammock. These ropes are adjustable, so you can customize the tension to fit the distance between your trees.

At Simply Hammocks, we love spending our lunch breaks in the nearby forests. Every tree is unique, but with the adjustable rope fixings, we never have trouble finding a way to hang our hammocks.

Tip: Before you begin, measure the distance between your two chosen trees. Then choose your hammock, ensuring that its total length is at least 1 meter less than the total distance between the trees. This will give you enough room for your rope fixings.





If you only have one tree, don't worry, you can still hang your hammock! All you need is a Smart or Micro Rope Fixing  to attach one end to the tree and a Madera Post to attach the other end. This way, you can still enjoy the relaxing experience of lounging in your hammock between a tree.


Between two concrete/brick walls 

To attach your hammock between two concrete or brick walls, you'll need an Easy Plus Hammock Fixing that can be securely drilled into the wall. You can also add a Sonos Fixing if you want to give your hammock more flexibility, but it's typically used for hanging chairs from the ceiling.

If you only have one wall available, don't worry! You can simply attach one end of the hammock to the wall using the Easy Plus Hammock Fixing, and the other end to a Madera Post  or even build a new wall. 



Hanging your hammock from wooden posts or beams is a breeze with our Jumbo Fixing. Customers often choose to hang their hammocks from beams on the roof, ones that run down the wall, or even by sinking their own post in the ground with concrete to create a homemade post. With the  Jumbo Fixing, you can securely attach your hammock to any wooden structure and start relaxing in no time.


If you want to hang your hammock from the ceiling, you'll need our Power Hook or Rotating Swivel Fixing, depending on whether you want a stable or swiveling suspension. These fixtures will allow you to securely suspend your hammock from a fixed point on the ceiling, creating a comfortable and relaxing spot to unwind.



Many of our customers have purchased hammocks to hang on their sailing boats, whether it's below deck or on the masts and rigging. With the abundance of cleats, ropes, and bars on boats, hanging a hammock should be a breeze.

Our customers usually hang their hammocks or hanging chairs directly onto the boom between the overhaul and gooseneck. Some even swing the boom out when anchored so they can hang over the sea! Another option is to fix it to the mast and forward pulpit. However, with so many options available, we urge you to prioritize safety when choosing your fixing location.

If you are unsure you can always call the hammock experts (that's us) on 01748 471 299